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Professional Speakers

Professional PA Speaker System
High Quality 350W Speaker System

High efficiency 15" LF speaker
HF compression driver with Titanium Diaphragm for excellent high frequency response
Crossover Network with protection for HF unit
Acoustically tuned ports for excellent low frequency response
Rugged Bass reflex enclosure in black carpet finish with stand adapter at the bottom

Frequency Response

40-20000 Hz

Crossover Frequency
2 kHz
Power Handling Capacity
350W RMS
8 ohm

PS - 400T/PS-500T
High Fidelity 2 Way, 100V Multi Purpose PA Speaker Systems

High Fidelity sound for music
Speaker system consists of woofer
Elegant plastic cabinet in white colour
Ideal for background music in offices, banks, restaurants, showrooms etc.
Movable mounting bracket. Can be mounted in vertical or horizontal positions

100V taps of 16W, 8W & 4W through push connectors

4 Power Taps can be selected through an easily accessible rotary switch
Facility to use as 8 ohms Low Impedance Speaker is available

Model PS-400T PS-500T
Frequency Response
85-20,000 Hz 80-20,000 Hz

SAX- 300D
300 Watts
200 Watts
100 Watts
150 Watts
50 Watts

SAX-300D 300 Watts
This three-way speaker system combines 15" low frequency driver, a die-casted aluminium horn compression driver and two nos. MOTOROLA Piezo Tweeters

SRX-250D 200 Watts
This system combines two 12" Full Range dual cone speakers with MOTOROLA Peizo Horn.

SRX-120D 100 Watts
This system combines one 12" Full Range dual cone speaker with MOTOROLA Peizo Horn.

SRX-50D 50 Watts
This system combines two 8" Full Range dual cone speakers

SAX-150 D 150 Watts
This two-way speaker system combines professional 12" low frequency driver and a die-casted aluminium horn compression driver


SK-12FRX/FRZ 100 Watts 8/16 Ohms

These are 12" High Quality Full Range Dual Cone Loudspeakers specially designed with imported parts for low distortion, clear sound and long term durability. Ideal for musical instruments, key boards and PA Applications. Imported corrugated cloth edge cone for long durability.

Power Handling Capacity
Frequency Resp
Cross-over Freq.
SPL 1W/1m
Net Weight
SAX- 300 300 W continuous program 8 Ohms 40-20000Hz 4000Hz 100+2dB W510xH750 xD410 mm 36.00 kg
SRX-250 200 W continous program 16 Ohms 55-20000Hz - 100+2dB W400xH850
xD300 mm
27.00 kg
SRX-120D 100 W continous program 8 Ohms 55-20000Hz - 97+2dB W400xH520
xD300 mm
SRX-50D 50 W Max. 16 Ohms 55-16000Hz - 96+2dB W300xH570
xD225 mm
8.50 kg
SAX-150D 150 W continous program 8 Ohms 45-20000Hz 4000Hz 97+2dB W458xH660
xD406 mm
SK-12FRX 100 W RMS/ 150 W Max. 8 Ohms 55-16000Hz - 97+2dB 304 x 130 mm 3.40 kg
SK-12FRZ 100 W RMS/ 150 W Max. 16 Ohms 55-16000Hz - 97+2dB 304 x 130 mm 3.40 kg
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